Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Can You Get Rid Of Herpes?

If you follow traditional medicine, you will often be told that you can’t get rid of herpes but if you look here you will find that is a myth. The question ‘Can you get rid of herpes?’ has often been answered with a resounding no – no cure is available but things can be done to soothe your pain.  This is rubbish!  Click the link below to find out how to get rid of herpes!                

Traditional Medicine Says No!

Normally, if you are ill, you can simply go to the doctors surgery and get treatment or medication to make you feel better. However, if you go to the doctor and tell them you need a cure for herpes then you may find that they can’t give you any treatments. This is because herpes is a viral disease that is very similar to chicken pox and there is no permanent cure available. However, making your life more comfortable by getting medicines and treatment is possible.

The Best Treatment Is Prevention!

The best way to prevent getting herpes is to make sure you don’t indulge in unprotected sex. Now, we all know that when you are “in the moment”, protection is not always at the forefront of your mind but if you take the steps to stay protected then it will make life easier in the long run.

Anyway, enough of the preaching! If you get to the point that you have contracted herpes then it isn’t the end of the world and there are all sorts of things that you can do to make sure that your life is more comfortable. Prescription meds are not the only way either – there are natural remedies that can also help.

Natural Herpes Remedies And Cures

The worst part of contacting herpes is the blisters or sores that appear on your body when your condition flares up. One of the best natural treatments used to help soothe herpes blisters is baking soda. You can use it in conjunction with soft cotton wool balls or pads to layer it on your blisters and it will help to dry them out and reduce that nasty itchiness. Another great idea is to use Epsom salts in your bath to help reduce itching and scaliness.

Keep Your Immune System Healthy!

If you take the time to keep your immune system well boosted then that will help to keep the herpes symptoms at bay. You should follow a good diet and also think about added supplements like multi vitamins. Echinachea and herbal teas are also known to work well.

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